YinYang Yoga in Falun

YinYang Yoga in Falun

The interplay of Yin and Yang

This yoga style is about how to approach asanas (yoga poses) with ease, confidence, openness and curiosity. You explore your anatomical individuality, while at the same time you are about to slow down, find balance and come home to yourself. Instead of believing that you become more flexible by working harder or more, this yoga style rather focuses on the quality of moving and being on the mat and in life. Instead of corrections and adjustments, this yoga style is more about body awareness.

YinYang Yoga is about finding continuity, wholeness, flow, deepening without training, centering and stillness in bodymind. These principles can be understood and acquired with the right guidance and support.

As an experienced, licensed body therapist, movement and yoga teacher for over 40 years, Revital's way of teaching is to concentrate on your yoga and to understand your body to get the best out of you.

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